Our way of thinking new solutions for architecture

We are inspired by nature, to create porcelain stoneware that restores its natural beauty.

We are infected by an idea of ​​quality, which we carry out with passion and determination, protecting the environment in which we live, our all-Italian ceramic tradition. We promote research and continuous innovation in everything we do. The result is works and projects that the world can see, an expression of a design idea that participates in contemporary living.

Latest Collection

Polished Porcelain Tile / Soluble Salt - Nano

Polished Porcelain Tile / Soluble Salt - Nano

600 x 600 mm
800 x 800 MM
Salt & Pepper Tiles

Salt & Pepper Tiles

600 x 600 MM

Why choose Amaze Cera International ?

Amaze Cera International Benefits.

Amaze Cera International is compact and stylish outlook tile designs as it comprises chosen normal materials. Because of its phenomenal highlights as simple support and low spongy properties, it needs rigid, sterile prerequisites.

Products outlook by colored pigments and squashed mirrors, superior polyester tar gives the great appearance to the area. Our products are a perfect decision for business, private, or industry reason for a stylish outlook.

Newness and headways, in examples, will give a better region outlook.

Color Uniformity
Highly Stain
Natural juices resistance
Natural Raw Materials
Suitable for food contact